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Betta Olympics


OPENS December 2023

Find us on: | @bettaolympics

The Betta Olympic Games are an international betta sports celebration, held twice a year. The ultimate goals are to unite and celebrate talented bettas across the world, educate others on how to interact with their pet betta, as well as cultivating engagement within the Instagram aquatic community and beyond!

Most importantly, it’s for betta fish and their trainers to bond and have fun together!


Although this activity is light-hearted fun, please be sure to put your betta’s safety and wellbeing first and take care during training. A lid for your tank goes a long way!

How to Train your Betta Fish



Previous Gold Medalists

Hall of Fame


Summer 2023

Max @youbettalovemyfish

Winter 2023

Coming soon…


Summer 2022

Rose @rosethejumpingfish

Winter 2022

Max @youbettalovemyfish


Summer 2021

Winter 2021


Summer 2020

Winter 2020



Summer 2019

Winter 2019


How did it start?

The Betta Olympics was inspired by my legendary betta fish called Pepsi… I refer to him as ‘the grandfather of Betta Olympics‘ – he was a champ and remains to be the most talented fish I’ve ever trained and loved.

Check out the First Betta Olympics or look up #bettaolympics on Instagram. I also have previous events featured on my Story Highlight.

Who can join?

It’s open internationally to different kinds of betta, including all tail shapes, age, skill levels and activities.

How do I join?

Train your betta doing tricks like swimming/jumping through a hoop, play ball or obstacle course, and capture the action on a 15-seconds (max) long video and simply follow me on Instagram to submit your betta’s best tricks when the Olympics season starts.

When is it happening?

The Olympics happens twice a year, during the Summer and Winter months. Please follow my Instagram to get notified of the next one!

Who are the judges?

Voting on Instagram story will be open to the public, tournament style!

What are the prizes?

The Gold, Silver and Bronze winners will be awarded trophy, medal and other prizes. The Gold winner will also be the co-host on the next Olympic and the winning betta will forever be immortalised in the Walk of Fame on this page.

Interested in being a gift/prize sponsor for this event?
Please DM me on Instagram or Email me here