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Betta acclimatisation

If you’ve just bought your new fish, first thing’s first…

By the time you get your betta home, it would have gone through stress of travelling and transit. In order to minimise the time that they are in a state of stress, start the acclimation process immediately.


Why acclimatise?

Bettas are extremely sensitive to changes in their environment and sudden changes in water parameters and temperature will cause unnecessary stress. There is also a good chance of introducing diseases or parasites into your tank affecting your existing fish so acclimatising your new friend is a must!


Acclimating to a Cycled Tank

If you’re aquarium is already set up and cycled, congratulations! You may now move onto the next steps below. If you have not cycled your tank yet, please make sure you keep it running for 2 weeks before adding your betta. Adding a new fish into un un-cycled tank may cause shock and death.

Step 1

Float the bag

Turn off your tank lights to help your betta settle and float the plastic bag in your tank for 20 minutes. This will allow the tanks water to surround the bag and reach an equilibrium temperature.

Step 2

Open the bag

Open the transport bag carefully by cutting the top end of the bag. I recommend using a cup or bowl to steady the bag and avoid accidental spillage. Remove 50% of the water in the bag and clip/secure it to the side of the tank.

Step 3

Drip the bag

Drip method is used to slowly add tank water into the bag, and the drip rate should be 1 drop every 1-2 sec. You can use tube or pipette to do this until you have added the 50% water from the tank.

Step 4

Dump the bag

30mins after drip method is complete, scoop your betta carefully and ensure as little water from the bag gets transferred into the tank as possible. Remove and dispose the bag! Phew, that was easy, wasn’t it?


Acclimation is all about being patient, slow and steady. Please take your time and don’t rush the process as this is crucial to getting your betta settled in quickly in his new home.