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Your betta needs clean water to thrive, the same way we need clean air to breathe. The key to keeping them happy is simply to give them enough space, clean water, live plants, a good variety of food & some human love. That is all! They are a beautiful and intelligent species of fish and deserve proper care. Being able to take care of them and getting ready for their arrival means knowing what makes them happy and healthy so you are able to offer the best quality of life for them.
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Betta Care Manual

Betta Care Manual is FREE to use, weather you are a new betta owner, a seller or a breeder. Simply print this sheet or include it with every betta sale!

I created this to help educate new betta owners so they can give the best chance of life to their new pet. Please help spread the words – you will earn a betta karma with each one :). This manual now comes in multiple languages, thanks to our wonderful international friends!

Download here:

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